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Patch Assist Spot(PAS) for Internet Café

PAS was specially design and developed for use on Internet Cafe's. PAS saves your time and network bandwidth by transferring patch files from one pc into another instead of using IDC with narrow bandwidth.
Once you install PAS on your Master PC (Server PC), Softnyx game patch files will be downloaded and saved automatically to the Master PC. Then Guest PC will just download the patch files from the Master PC. Transfer speed will reach up to 100Mbps.

[How to use]

1. Download and install PAS on Master PC(Sever PC) ONLY.
2. PAS will run automatically on Master PC, so do not stop or terminate the tray icon.


To save patch files, do not forget to turn off "Deep Freeze" before downloading the patch files.
Turn it on again after your Master PC has finished with the download.