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Game IP and UGC Terms of Use

Softnyx (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") have enacted the Game IP Terms of Use (hereafter “this Agreement”), in order to support users to enjoy more enjoyable and creative use of the game and other services incidental thereto (hereinafter referred to as "Game" and "Game Service") provided by the Company.

This agreement stipulates basic matters such as rights, obligations and other necessary matters between the company and users related to game IP and UGC.
1. Clerance of Terminology
a. Game IP (Intellectual Property) refers to all works that make up the game, such as the game's world view, story, character, monster, image, background music, and video.
b. UGC (User Generated Content) means any content created by users in relation to games and game services.
Includes communications, images, sounds, and all materials and information, including dialogue text, uploaded or transmitted by users in connection with the game or game service, and texts, documents, pictures, images (fan art, etc.), cartoons, webtoons, videos (fan videos, streaming videos, etc.), music, sounds, voices, effects, or Includes materials and information made up of combinations.

2. UGC Production
The company respects the UGC of users who add various pleasures to the game. However, in principle, making, distributing, and servicing games using the game IP is not permitted. In addition, users must ensure that UGC does not violate the following.
a. You must not violate laws, company regulations and other public order and morals.
b. You must not infringe intellectual property rights and other rights, including copyrights of third parties.
c. You must not defame the company and other third parties.
d. You must not contain or promote content that is false, manipulated, fraudulent, false, unlawful, obscene, threatening, defamatory, objectionable, z or contrary to the interests of the Company.
e. It must not contain material that is important to the story, such as videos, endings, and cutscenes of content that has not yet been released without the approval of the company.

3. Use of UGC
a. Commercial use of UGC is not permitted.
b. When disclosing UGC, the source must be specified.
(Softnyx and its game name)
c. You must not create or distribute UGC with content that could be mistaken for official company content. Users cannot register UGC's domain name, social media account, or related address, including the trademark and name of the game the company is servicing, without the company's approval. Trademarks and official logos of the company and the games the company is servicing cannot be displayed on UGC.
d. The company does not allow profit activities using UGC of users created without prior approval of the company. However, only UGC created by the user can receive advertising revenue through the published platform and donations received from other users of the platform. There must be no economic interest between the user and the sponsor, or there must be no connection between profit-making activities, such as the solicitation of specific products or services.
e. The company may use, modify, edit, and otherwise transform UGC free of charge. (It can be used in any form such as reproduction, performance, public transmission, exhibition, distribution, rental, creation of secondary works, etc., and there are no restrictions on the period and area of ​​use)
f. However, if the company intends to sell, rent, or transfer UGC to a third party, it will separately consult with the user in advance by phone, fax, or e-mail.
g. The company intends to actively encourage and support users' free UGC creative activities. If you have any inquiries about the company's policies or need approval from the company in the overall production, use, and utilization of UGC, you can inquire at the following e-mail address.
- Email address: cs@softnyx.com

4. Attribution of Rights
a. All rights, including copyrights and other intellectual property rights, of game services belong to the company, and the company grants users the right to use them in accordance with this agreement.
b. In accordance with this agreement, copyrights and other intellectual property rights belong to the user only for the parts created by the user himself, except for the parts where the company or a third party has copyrights and other intellectual property rights.

5. Rights of company & exemption for responsibility
a. For UGC that violates these terms and conditions, the company may immediately revoke the permission to use the game IP and demand that the UGC stop posting, distributing and transmitting.
b. In the event that UGC infringes on the rights of a third party and there is a legal dispute between the company or its executives and employees and a third party, or any damage related thereto, the user shall be responsible for the company at his own expense and responsibility unless there is an intentional or gross negligence of the company and the relevant executives and employees shall be exempted.

6. Otros
a. This agreement guides the basic precautions when making UGC to help users with their creative activities, and is subject to change without prior notice, and separate policies may be applied depending on individual cases.

If you have more questions about this Agreement and UGC, please contact the customer center (cs@softnyx.com)

Thank you