More Convenient Game-Play through ‘New Launcher’!!

If you install new launcher, you can play game directly through website

An warning message would come out by [SmartScreen filter] in case you use Internet Explorer.

※ You can also play game by logging in at old launcher.

New Launcher?

  • If you log in at website, the login information is also connected with New Launcher.
    New launcher is available at all browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
    However, it may not work properly at certain version.
  • If New Launcher doesn’t work, set browser option by referring to the guide below.

How to Install New Launcher

1. Click “Softnyx Launcher Download” button and run the file.

2. Complete all steps by following the guide.

3. Click ‘Game Start’ button after moving to game site through the link below.

  • Gunbound
  • Rakion
  • WolfTeam

If it does not work

  • If you use Internet Explorer, change to ‘Use’  through Tools > Internet Option > Programs > Manage add-ons.
  • If you're using Chrome as a web browser, please follow the steps below to set plug-in.

    1. Open Chrome and browse to chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

    2. Click the Enable NPAPI setting.

    3. After that, click "Relaunch Now" at the bottom of your Chrome window.
    Browser will be closing and reopening automatically.
    Please make sure to click “Relaunch Now.

    4. Click the Chrome menu > Settings > Advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings.
    And then, select 'Run automatically (recommended)' under Plug-ins section and change from 'Disable individual plug-ins' to 'Enable'.

    5. Click the Chrome menu > Settings > Advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Plugins > Choose
    “Run all plugin content (recommended)” and click on the [Done] button.

    - Click [Manage individual plug-ins…] on the web page above (or you can access to the Plugins page directly by browsing to chrome://plugins ).
    Find ‘NyxLauncher’ and click 'Enable'. Lastly, check ‘Always allowed’.

  • If you use Firefox, change to ‘Enable’ in Plugins after following Options > Add-ons > Manage Add-ons.
  • If you use Opera, select ‘Enable Plug-Ins’ by followying Menu > Settings > Quick Preferences.

If you use other browser, you can resolve this kind of issue in a similar way above.
Please submit a ticket through QnA in case your New Launcher doesn’t run with the guide.