Dear Players,

We always appreciate all the players and your love to Wolfteam.

As many players in WTIS are living in countries of MENA, we decided to run a server merge of game service with Wolfteam MENA Service(“WTMN” hereafter) to provide more better game environment to all players.

To provide the continuous and proper service of Wolfteam, both your personal information and other policies related to use of service in WTIS will be migrated to WTMN at September 29th (Thu), 2016. You can disagree to this migration but you may not be able to play Wolfteam with current account anymore.

•Language Support in Current Service : English and Korean
•Language Support in New Service : Arabic, English and Korean
•Official Web Site of Current Service(English) :
•Official Web Site of New Service(Arabic) :
•Official Web Site of New Service(English) :

For the details, please refer to below:

Transfer Notice

  • 1. Scheduled Date

    - September 29th (Thu), 2016

    [!] Detailed maintenance schedule will be announced later.

  • 2. Target

    - All players who agreed and submitted the form for server merge via guide page
  • 3. Will be Transferred

    - Current Items in Account
    - Current WC and Gold in Account
    - Current GP
    - Acquired Crest(s)
    - SNS Account
    - Win/Lose Record
    - Kill/Death Record
    - Total Played Time
    - Account-Related Date

    [!] Personal ranking can be changed from current International Service after the server merge

  • 4. Will Not be Transferred

    - Current Softnyx Cash in Account

    [!] If you want to transfer your account to MENA Service, we strongly suggest you consume the current Cash in your account before you submit the form.

    - Current Callsign and Pride Record (including Pride Battle Record)

    [!] Once your account is transferred to MENA Service, a randomly generated callsign and the item, 'Change Callsign' will be given.
    You can change your callsign with this item.

    - Current Account Name

    [!] You need to enter a new account name when you submit the form to transfer your account.

  • 5. Note

    - All the transfer will be done at once in September 29th (Thu) and you can't create a same account name and play in MENA Service when you submitted the form.
    - The data from International Service will be transferred to only the account you submitted through the form.
    In other words, the data from International Service won't be transferred to your existing accounts in MENA Service.

Transfer of Personal Information Due to Server Merge

Move to Submit the Form